13th January 1932

Letter : Herbert Davy ( Bridge House Hotel, Nanking ) to Meher Baba

Reply mail ; C/- Dr. Borcic Weishengshu

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Dear Baba,

1)     I only received Meredith's letter late yesterday, it required sleeping over, and I have just sent a wire ( 11.30 am )    


This means that I will ask him, he is a very wealthy Quaker who helped me when I was raising money for the education of a former miner student and now great friend - William Suggett,  Bebburn-on-Tyne ( N-E England )

2)     I very greatly desire you to see Suggett, it may also help when you see Cadbury in England. If you have already seen FLEMING again in London, and Will Hervey I another Quaker friend of mine who wants to see you ) it may help. In addition it may introduce you to another Millionaire Quaker - Rowntree, a relation of Hervey's.

3)     I cannot help being surprised that what is necessary was not secured in the States. In my previous letters to you I suggested that you should see Nicholas Roerich and Richard Ingaleese in U.S., perhaps you have received that letter in India by now. The former should be able to put you in touch with the right people in America. My surprise is such that I hope you will excuse me for mentioning it, M's ( Meredith ) letter has disquieted me. I cannot say why, probably it is some error in fault in me.

4)     As far myself you know I have nothing, in fact less than nothing since my future for 3 years is pledged also. I am writing an article but cannot say if it will bring any reward. I know I have no means of raising more in China, the county is literally hovering on bankruptcy at this moment, and our own prospects have not improved with the change of Government.

     In approaching Cadbury I shall be risking the last ounce of my credit, and such reputation as I have with the educational institutions for whom I have worked in the past and with whom I might have to work in the future. I mention this because the peculiar policy of the League here may risk our teaching posts,

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- therefore at the end of this term it might conceivably be necessary to look else-where for a post.  Will the League survive this year ?  I have to consider those worldly matter from a practical view front. I am not speaking of these things personally but because you told me that it was my first obligation to fulfill my pledge.

5)     I am sending a copy of this letter to K. ( Kitty Davy ) for two reasons, one is in case you leave India before this reaches ( and she can give it to you in London ) C ( Cadbury ) is a business man; before he gave me 50 Pounds for S. ( Suggett ) , and gave me 10 Pounds for 3 years ago.

     Similarly he would surely want some kind of security from me, the only thing I can offer is my death insurance. He is not likely to listen to any appeal that has not some such backing ; the advantage is that if I offer this it gives you an opening to approach him and make the best of the opportunity. But then K. looses her security.

6)     M. ( Meredith ) says it is supremely urgent so I shall proceed to write to C. as above, and at once. If you or K. do not approve you can stop it at your end. I think this is what you would want me to do.

7)     Owing to the late news on your movements my letter must still be trailing after you, but you should receive this either directly or through K's hands. To save time I shall ask C. to communicate with you ( if he is willing to help at all ) through K. at London.

8)     It may be necessary to see him in London or in BIRMINGHAM his address is George C.  Primrose Hill, SellyOak, Birmingham. Nearby to his house is a Primrose Quaker Settlement - Woodbroke,( UK ), where you could spend the day and night ; the dean head (?) or it is a man called H.G. Wood, he acts as C's advisor on charities, etc. Here Horace Fleming and Will Hervey can help you if they wish ; to go there would bring you in contact with H.G. Wood.

     You could at the same level invite Will Suggett to meet you there, he can stay the night at FIRCROFT with Mr. Lee who knows about S and myself. ( I taught there for a term, it is next to Woodbroke – a working-mens college ) C. may like to see Suggett, his presence may indirectly help you.

9)    Lastly, I can not promise that C. will help at all. He knows my past and is in contact with people who can bring it up to date. He knows all about Suggett’s training, he may therefore trust me personally, or not. He is very wealthy, he understands that I always intended to start some kind of spiritual and educational work, he would I think trust Kitty and Suggett or Fleming but will he trust an unknown ? I hope some business-like person will be put in charge of spending and purchasing. I shall suggest 10,000 Sterling.

     This is a business letter. I believe in trying to be balanced and in the world endeavoring to use judgement and common sense. Forgive me if it seems cold and detached.

     I was very glad to receive Chanji’s letter from Paris.

  Love to all – to Meredith, Rustom and Chanji

Yours          Herbert




This letter was typed from the original letter by Anthony Zois