25th October 1931

Letter : Herbert Davy ( Nanking ) to Meher Baba

There is another side : in chaotic times, when new ideas are current and nations are in the making there are many opportunities at hand for there  that can see and make use of them. When I know more I can tell you more about this aspect of China. But I think I already see an opportunity of co-operating + some ( bodies that now are quite distinct, separate and sometimes antagonistic ). Nanking has many elements of beauty, particularly outside the Wall - the Locus Lake, the Ming Emperor ; Tomb, and the Purple Mountains.

I do hope I shall receive your letters and photographs - thou that were sent and seems to be mislaid, and there that I hope the future will bring.

Discretion is very necessary here - in writing and in speech. My pen is therefore circumscribed, so read instead my heart.


Herbert N. Davy


Chanji's friend was neither in Hong Kong or in Shanghai but in Japan - he may return to Shai next week.

C/- Bejoryee silk merchants   "The Arcade" Sh' hai ( Shanghai )