Date : ?

Letter : Herbert Davy ( Shanghai, China ) to Rustom K. Irani ( India )

We really ought to use Bentley's code and arrange a cipher for all - for future use. So many cables and wires are sent from one to the other.

Dear wire-haired Rustom !

Your letter of 19th has just arrived I think things are more exciting here than even with you in India. You write far too short letters !

I may arrive in Nasik unexpectedly son - I am awaiting orders from Baba and from Geneva as to what to do. I think evacuation will be necessary.  I hope it will also be possible. Will you be in Nasik, or have you gone to England with B ?

If so, perhaps I may go to America instead of India or England.

The guns have been firing here all day and things look serious. Ever since I came to China it has been strikes, resolutions and lately a proffessor's strike ! now war.

So perhaps I may see you quite soon - Best wishes - in haste.