28th April 1933

Letter : Herbert Sudama ( Davy ) to Meher Baba

- wriiten at 32 Russell Road, W.14 London ( home of the Davy Family )

Dear Baba,

Pendu will have told you all about our visit to Paris, after he left I had to return and pack and prepare to return to the station for my train. I arrived in London about midnight and found at home Father and M, May from Canada. At once I hunted out Purdom found him actually in a printing press supervising the printing of his paper ( 'Everyman' magazine ). I gave him a copy of the Questions and Answers and of your instructions and asked him to look through them and then to arrange a meeting for us to discuss the whole matter. Up to the present I have had no answer. I wrote again last night. I hope M.S. ( Meredith Starr ) is not trying to make mischief there too.

Re French Banker  ( ? ) - I had a long, interacted conversation 2 1/2 hours - His scheme of reconstruction has been turned down. The Jew (? ) returns to China and carries on, I suppose the old and mischievous policy - he will get a bad reception I suspect in China. This means that I shall not be able to return with the League ( of Nations ) to China.

But the Banker has asked me to keep in touch with him, so the contact is made and may lead to future work later on.

K. ( Kitty Davy ) returned. The home is not entirely suitable, K. is disappointed, I think it might suit a few for a month but not the whole party.

Ended is key of the typewriter.

I have got the other typewriter today.

Love to all.

Love to dear Baba


Herbert Sudama